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Concord Fire Department is a direct delivery agency hosting a regional recruit training academy bi-annually with its' NC Office of State Fire Marshall (NCOSFM) qualified instructors.

The 27-week fire academy incorporates all of the training requirements to obtain a Firefighter certification in North Carolina. Recruits follow a rigorous training schedule, including physical training, in order to prepare them for a successful career in the fire service. No experience or previous training is required, and all training and materials, protective equipment, and uniforms are provided. Recruits are employed by the city and are compensated for their time. North Carolina Emergency Medical Technician certification is a requirement of all Concord Firefighters, and all recruits needing that certification will also complete that course during their academy training.

Concord's training academy is equipped to deliver advanced NCOSFM training opportunities and certifications beyond basic fire fighter academy, such as Technical Rescue, Driver/Operator, Haz-Mat, confined space, trench rescue, collapse, swift water, etc. At times, recruit classes may be required to obtain additional training depending on department need, in order to meet the service needs of the community.  Continuous improvement , however, is part of the department's philosophy therefore advanced training continues throughout a firefighter's career.

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