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Hiring Process

The hiring process for the fire department is a multi-step process. This involves a physical aptitude test, a written test, an oral board interview and a Chief's interview. If selected for a conditional offer then physical and psychological exams will be completed as well as a background check. See below for additional information on each step of the process. Links are provided to assist with understanding elements of the hiring process, however these links are not affiliated to the City of Concord or Fire Department.


Process breakdown


The CPAT stands for candidate physical ability test. This is a standardized test. All components of the test, as well as test sites have been inspected to insure uniformity across the nation. This test is comprised of eight events in which the candidate wears a weighted vest to simulate the weight of working in full gear.

CPAT Location:

Concord Fire Station 9

1020 Ivey Cline Rd. 

Concord, NC 28027

What's next: Candidates that pass the CPAT will move forward to the written exam.

To learn more about this test see below. 

Written Exam

This is a video based test that assesses the applicants in basic math, social interpersonal relationships and reasoning. Please be sure to arrive 30 minutes prior to test start time. 

What's next: After completion of written exam candidates will be notified via email or mail on whether or not they have been selected for panel interviews, and how to schedule. 

Below is a link to the practice test that will be used to evaluate candidates; applicants who pass the CPAT will be provided a voucher to complete the practice test free of charge. 

Oral Board

The oral board is an interview panel comprised of members of the department and may include Firefighters, Engineers, Lieutenants and Captains. This is an eight to ten question interview for your potential peers to learn about you. While the below is not a list of questions you will be asked, it can be used as a starting point to prepare for an interview.

What's next:  Candidates will be notified via email or mail whether they have been selected for Chief Interviews or not. 

Chief's Interview

In the Chief's interview you will meet with Chief Officers who will conduct an interview similar to the previous one. This is the final step in the process before receiving a conditional job offer.


What's next: If a conditional job offer is received the candidate must pass an NFPA physical, a psychological assessment, a background check, and a drug test.

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